Sten-Olof Hellström…

Sten-Olof Hellström electroacoustic music composer and performer. In 2013 Sten-Olof celebrated thirty years as a professional composer by obtaining a PhD in composition at University of Huddersfield, UK, with the thesis entitled ”Algorithmically-driven synthesis and feedback system: an investigation into the aesthetic and technical processes in my compositional practice ”. His music has been featured at concerts, festivals and radio-broadcasts all around the world. In recent years he has worked with a variety of compositional and musical projects such as ”Sound Excursions in the Stockholm Archipelago” where he together with Ann Rosen performed EAM concerts and workshops in Stockholms Archipelago using a sailboat as a base.

Sten-Olof’s phonograms SINE CERA (Hellström and Bowers) and KEPT IN THE DARK (AGAIG) were nominated for best experimental album at the 2014 Manifest Awards. KEPT IN THE DARK was also in 2015 nominated as the best contemporary music album by the Swedish magasin ”Nutida musik”!

In 2016 Sten-Olof composed Altered States  a 8-42 channel piece which he performed in the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen. Later that year Sten-Olof moved from Stockholm to Borrby in Skåne and composed the first movement in Tandem Musca Cacavit which he released on the album SOH together with earlier material spotify:album:0K66NmsQvoKjWxY3Z027Tb .

At the Interart Centre in Malmö In Sten-Olof worked with their 42-channel acousmonium where he continued to develop his Tandem Musca Cacavit project and performed the 42 channel version of Altered States in 2017.

During a residency in Lofoten, Norway in 2018 Sten-Olof composed Molo an 8 channel piece based on field-recordings e did at Lofoten.

Sten-Olof basically splits his time between composing and performing often in duos together with Ann Rosen, John Bowers and Lars Bröndum. He also gives master classes in composition and has tutored students at University of Limerick (Ireland), University of Newcastle and Huddersfield (England).